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Our Projects

At Performance Mechanical Inc, we transcend traditional boundaries in mechanical and plumbing projects, setting a new standard for excellence. Our commitment to innovation and precision allows us to outperform expectations, ensuring that every project is not just completed but elevated to new heights of quality and efficiency.

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CBRE Global Workplace Solutions Christus Santa Rosa Hospital

Services – Equipment Installation, Commissioning

Industry – Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of health technology, Performance Mechanical, Inc. remains a leader in the construction of healthcare institutions. An exemplary demonstration of our unwavering dedication to improving human health can be found at CHRISTUS SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL, a facility that plays a vital role in the well-being of children and their healthcare needs.

During the warmer months, the hospital’s operating rooms encountered challenges with elevated temperatures and excessive humidity. The existing cooling system proved inadequate in maintaining the desired climate, resulting in uncomfortably humid conditions within the rooms. Consequently, ceiling diffusers had to be routinely wiped down before surgeries to prevent drips.

Performance Mechanical, Inc. effectively addressed this issue by engineering custom-built operating room suites that ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels, exemplifying our dedication to delivering optimal healthcare environments.

Val Verde Regional Medical Center

Services – Equipment Installation, Sheet Metal

Val Verde Regional Medical Center identified the need for a replacement air handling unit to address the aging system servicing their critical operating rooms. While this project was part of a scheduled infrastructure enhancement, it necessitated a meticulous approach, given the potential impact on patient care.

Performance Mechanical responded by customizing a project blueprint that prioritized patient care and ensuring the installation would unfold seamlessly, without causing any disruptions to the medical center’s surgical schedules.